Women's Organization for Political Prisoners (WOFPP)

Newsletter October 2007

There are, at present, about 100 women political prisoners in the Israeli jails: In Hasharon Prison (Tel Mond) about 95, the rest in Neve Tirza Prison (Ramle) and in several detention centers.

Hasharon Prison (Tel Mond)

The conditions in the cells
The women political prisoners are still suffering from lack of air and daylight because the windows are permanently covered with metal sheets that leave a very narrow space for fresh air.
Correction: In our August 2007 newsletter we wrote that ACRI (Association for Citizens' Rights in Israel) sent a letter to the prison authorities demanding to remove the permanent window coverings, but they did not do so, and ACRI does not handle this issue.
Recently the prisoners found a cockroach in the bread. They tried to complain but the prison authorities said that this was a lie and wanted to know who disseminated this "rumor".

'Abeer 'Uda, from Tulkarem, was arrested on 22 April 2006. 'Abeer called the wardens to help another woman prisoner who was sick. As there was no answer she began to shout; now the wardens came and violently beat and kicked ‘Abeer, then tied her to a bed for 24 hours. Afterwards the prison authorities transferred her from Hasharon Prison (Tel Mond) to Neve Tirza Prison (Ramle).
In Tulkarem, on 25 August 2007, the Israeli army murdered ‘Abeer’s brother, Mahmud Ibrahim Krinawi, 11 years old, and badly wounded another brother.

Maryam elTarabin, 21 years old, from Kufur Qalil, was arrested on 17 February 2005: The prison authorities accused her of being insolent toward a warden who bothered her, and imposed on her a fine of 200 NIS (about 50$).

Women under administrative detention order
Administrative detention, a detention without charge or trial, can be extended arbitrarily.

Muna Q'adan, 36 years old, from 'Arabe, Jenin district, an administrative detainee, was arrested on 2 August 2007 at an Israeli checkpoint near Bethlehem. During 21 days she endured harsh interrogations in Kishon Detention Center (Jalame). On 23 August she was placed under an administrative detention order for six months.
Muna is director of the Association elBaraa in Jenin, a welfare association that has founded a kindergarten and assists people in need.
Muna was a prisoner twice before:
On 15 February 1999 she was arrested at an Israeli checkpoint near Jenin. During 30 days she endured harsh interrogations; she was pressured to give information about people who were wanted by the Israeli authorities. In protest, Muna went on a hunger strike during 30 days until she was released.
On 14 September 2004, at dawn, Muna was arrested in her home with her brother Tareq Qa'adan. The Israeli forces took her to Hasharon Prison (Tel Mond) without subjecting her to interrogations. She was sentenced in a military court to 18 months' imprisonment.
Two years ago, Muna got engaged to Hasan Aghbariya, a political prisoner in an Israeli prison. The prison authorities prevent her from visiting him.
Three of Muna's brothers, Tareq, Mu'awya and Mahmud, are political prisoners in Israeli prisons.

Su'ad elShyukhy, 21 years old, from Jerusalem, an administrative detainee, was arrested on 8 February 2007; her administrative detention was extended until 6 November 2007.

Nura elHashlamon, mother of six, an administrative detainee from Hebron, was arrested on 17 September 2006; her administrative detention was extended. She still suffers from pains in her kidneys.
Representatives from the International Committee of the Red Cross visited Nura and told her that Israel may change her punishment from administrative detention to exile in Jordan or in the Gaza Strip.

Taghreed Hajaija, 21 years old, from Ramallah, arrested on 7 December 2006, was sentenced to 22 months' imprisonment and a fine of 3000 NIS (about 750$).
Rasha Zbarah, 18 years old, from Nablus, was arrested on 3 October 2006 and was sentenced to 17 months' imprisonment.

Rasha el'Aza, from Dehaisha Refugee Camp, was arrested on 18 August 2004 and released in August 2007.
Dr. Rifqa elJa'abri, 43 yeas old, from Hebron, an administrative detainee, was arrested on 15 August 2006 and released on 11 September 2007.
Du'aa Masalma, 19 years old, from Bethlehem, was arrested on 27 March 2007 and released on 11 September 2007.

Neve Tirza Prison (Ramle)

At present there are two women political prisoners in Neve Tirza prison: Amneh Muna and 'Abeer 'Uda who was transferred from Hasharon Prison.

The women prisoners suffer great inconvenience because, even during the night, male wardens enter their cells. Both women suffer endless threats from the criminal prisoners.

Amneh Muna, 29 years old, from Jerusalem, has been held in separation for over a year. Recently, the court extended her term of separation for another two months. The conditions in her cell are very bad, and she suffers from an attitude towards her that is both harsh and humiliating. While the wardens make searches in her cell, they shackle her hands and legs so tightly that marks are there for days.
Representatives from the International Committee of the Red Cross visited her and told her that many letters were sent to them protesting her hard conditions.

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