Women's Organization for Political Prisoners (WOFPP)

Newsletter October 2012

There are, at present, ten women political prisoners in the Israeli jails. Nine are held in Hasharon Prison, and one is held in Kishon Detention Center (Jalame).

Hasharon Prison (Tel Mond)


After WOFPP'S lawyer, Taghreed Jahashan, repeated her requests that the women political prisoners should be allowed to use handicrafts, the prison authorities allowed the women prisoners' families, in October 2012, to let in craft material that the women prisoners have received.

Family visits

Lina Jarbuni , from Arabeh Bathouf, in the Galilee, was arrested on 15 April 2002. She asked for an open visit with her parents for the holiday, but the prison authorities refused her request. Her request for a vacation for the holiday was also refused.

Salwa Hasan , from Hebron, was arrested on 19 October 2011. In October 2012, the Israeli authorities allowed her the visit of one family member for the first time: Her son visited her.

New prisoners

In'am elHasanat , a former prisoner, 31 years old, from Deheishe, Bethlehem district, was arrested on 4 September 2012. The arrest was very violent: The soldiers beat her severely, and she was then brought to Mosqobiya (Russian Compound), a detention center in Jerusalem. After one month, she was transferred to Hasharon Prison (Tel Mond).

Manar Zwahera , 20 years old, from Bethlehem district, a student in the Open University, was arrested on 13 September 2012.

Released prisoners

Afnan Ramadan , from Hebron, 22 years old, a computer science student at the Polytechnic University, was arrested from her house on 23 April 2012 and released on 1st November 2012.

Manal Daana , from Silwan, a Jerusalem neighborhood, was arrested on 23 September 2012 and released on 21 October 2012.

Maleeka Juaba , was arrested for some days in Hasharon Prison and released on bail of 3,000 NIS.

Russian Compound (Mosqobiya), Jerusalem)

Nura Abu Warda , a teacher from Hebron, mother of one son, was arrested from her house on 9 October 2012. She was brought to Russian Compound (Moskobya) and endured interrogations. For 10 days, The Israeli authorities prohibited her from meeting a lawyer. She is held in harsh conditions: A very dirty cell without windows, with the lights on 24 hours a day. On 5 November 2012 she was transferred to Hasharon Prison.

Kishon Detention Center (Jalame)

Nawal elSa'adi , 50 years old, from Jenin Refugee Camp, a former prisoner, was arrested at the beginning of November 2012.

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