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Newsletter October 2006

There are, at present, about 120 women political prisoners in the Israeli jails. In Hasharon Prison (Tel Mond) about 95, the rest: in Neve Tirza Prison (Ramle), in Ayalon Prison (Ramle), in Kishon Detention Center (Jalame), and several more in other detention centers.

The prisoners who had been transferred, on13 September 2006, to various prisons and detention centers are still dispersed in: Kishon (Jalame), Ayalon (Ramle) and Neve Tirza (Ramle). The prison authorities keep transferring some of the prisoners from jail to jail, without informing either the prisoners' families or lawyers. The families and lawyers learn about the transfer after coming to visit the prisoners but not finding them, and only then being informed that they have been transferred.

Laila Bukhari, the representative of the prisoners who were transferred to Neve Tirza Prison, was brought from Neve Tirza Prison to Kishon Detention Center (Jalame) as punishment for having a disagreement with a prison officer.

Amne Muna was transferred from solitary confinement in Neve Tirza Prison to solitary confinement in Kishon Detention Center (Jalame). The light in her cell is on during 24 hours. For one month she was subjected every day to a search in the nude. She was on a hunger strike for a month, starting on 13 September.

Aisha 'Abayat and Lina Hadaida, originally transferred from Hasharon to Ayalon Prison, were again transferred to Neve Tirza Prison from Ayalon.

Lamia Jal'um and Ramah Habayeb, originally transferred from Hasharon to Neve Tirza, were again transferred to Ayalon Prison from Neve Tirza Prison. Ramah Habayeb was released on 5 October.

Su'ad Abu Hamed, originally transferred from Hasharon to Kishon (Jalame), was again transferred to Ayalon Prison from Kishon (Jalame). Her family was informed about the tansferre only after they come to Kishon (Jalame) in attempt to visit her.

The prisoners who were transferred from Hasharon Prison to the various jails and detention centers could not take part of or all their belongings with them. They particularly lack warm clothing, now that winter approaches.

Ayalon Prison (Ramle)

The approximately ten women who are being held in Ayalon Prison are together in one big room. They are watched during 24 hours by a camera. They were on a hunger strike from the day they were transferred, 13 September, but stopped the hunger strike after two weeks. They request to be informed when they will be returned to Hasharon Prison. For one month they did not have family visits.

Neve Tirza Prison (Ramle)

The conditions are still very harsh. From 13 September until the last visit of advocate Taghreed Jahshan on 12 October, the prisoners had not been able to make purchases in the canteen.

New Prisoner
Leyla Mosenson (Leyla Tripoli) demonstrated against the Apartheid-Wall and was sentenced to three months' imprisonment.

Kishon Detention Center (Jalame)

Of the five prisoners in Kishon Detention Center four stopped the hunger strike after two weeks (Amne continued the hunger strike for one month). The conditions are very harsh, and the wardens' behavior towards the women is extremely rigid. They had been forbidden family visits and purchases in the canteen from the day of their transfer on 13 September until 20 October. They request to be informed when they will be returned to Hasharon Prison.

The women are at present allowed to make purchases in the canteen. The Red Cross visited the prisoners including Amne in Kishon Detention Center.

Hasharon Prison (Tel Mond)

The prisoners in wing 12 asked to have meetings with the prisoners in wing 11. The prison authorities refused the request.

'Etaf 'Alyan, 42 years old, mother of 'Aaysha, a 2-years-old baby, was arrestes on 22 December 2005. Due to WOFPP's lawyer Taghreed Jahshan's petition to the prison authorities, 'Etaf 'Alyan was permitted to keep her daughter with her until 25 October, the day her administrative detention was to be terminated, even though the child had reached the age of 2 years, when children have to leave their mother in prison and are handed over to the family.

On 23 October 'Etaf's administrative detention was extended for another six months. A few days after the issue of the order, she will be separated from her daughter who will be handed over to the family.
More about 'Etaf 'Alyan

Dr. Rifqa elJa'abari, 43 years old, from Hebron, was arrested on 15 August 2006. After her appeal, her administrative detention was reduced from six to three months.
More about Dr. Rifqa elJa'abri

New Prisoners
Nura Jaber elHashlamon, 34 years old, mother of six, arrested on 17 September, had been detained in Etzion Detention Center and in Ashkelon Detention Center. After having been subjected to interrogation, she was placed in administrative detention for six months. She is now being held in Hasharon Prison. She suffers from a kidney disease. Her husband is an administrative detainee in Negev Prison. His administrative detention order was renewed three times.
'Aaysha Ghanymat, 15 years old
'Afat Khalil from Nablus
< Ranya Abu Khdir from Hkalil
Du'aa Haj Hsin, 18 years old, from Balata refugee camp
Shirin Haj Hasin , 18 years old
Nidaa elRmahi
Nidaa elDrbas el'Aruri, a minor


Due to the recent transfer and dispersion of the women to four different prisons, WOFPP's lawyer has to visit more prisons more often. We are therefore in need of financial help. Part of the women have been left without anything and they need warm cloths and other items .

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