Women's Organization for Political Prisoners (WOFPP)

Free Mona Q'adan!

      Muna Q'adan, 36 years old, from 'Arabe, Jenin district, an administrative detainee, was arrested on 2 August 2007 at an Israeli checkpoint near Bethlehem. During 21 days she endured harsh interrogations in Kishon Detention Center (Jalame). On 23 August she was placed under an administrative detention order for six months.

Muna is director of the Association elBaraa in Jenin, a welfare association that has founded a kindergarten and assists people in need.

Muna was a prisoner twice before:
On 15 February 1999 she was arrested at an Israeli checkpoint near Jenin. During 30 days she endured harsh interrogations; she was pressured to give information about people who were wanted by the Israeli authorities. In protest, Muna went on a hunger strike during 30 days until she was released.
On 14 September 2004, at dawn, Muna was arrested in her home with her brother Tareq Qa'adan. The Israeli forces took her to Hasharon Prison (Tel Mond) without subjecting her to interrogations. She was sentenced in a military court to 18 months' imprisonment.

Two years ago, Muna got engaged to Hasan Aghbariya, a political prisoner in an Israeli prison. The prison authorities prevent her from visiting him.

Three of Muna's brothers, Tareq, Mu'awya and Mahmud, are political prisoners in Israeli prisons.