Women's Organization for Political Prisoners (WOFPP)

Newsletter December 2006

There are, at present, about 120 women political prisoners in the Israeli jails. In Hasharon Prison (Tel Mond) about 105, the rest in Neve Tirza Prison (Ramle), in Kishon Detention Center (Jalame near Haifa) and several more in other detention centers.

The policy of transferring the prisoners from one prison to another is still continuing. As before, the prison authorities do not inform either the prisoners' families or the lawyers. The families learn about the transfer after coming to visit the prisoners but not finding them. Only then they are informed that the prisoner in question has been transferred.

The prison authorities adopt a very offensive attitude towards the prisoners who are being transferred. For example: In mid-December, when five prisoners were to be transferred from Neve Tirza Prison back to Hasharon Prison, they were told by the wardens to pack all their belongings in 15 minutes. If they were not ready in this time span they would have to remain in Neve Tirza.

Kishon Detention Center (Jalame)
On 13 December, Taghreed Jahshan, WOFPP's advocate, visited the Kishon Detention Center (Jalame). She met Lina Hadaida and Nasreen Abu Zina who told her that they and three other women political prisoners were on a hunger strike that had started eight days ago. On the second day of their hunger strike the prison authorities took away their clothing, except for what they were wearing.
The five women had been transferred to Kishon (Jalame) about two weeks ago. Shortly before Taghreed's visit, they were told that they would be transferred again but they did not know to which prison.
They lack basic hygienic items such as shampoo, soap etc.
Amne Muna, 29 years old, from Jerusalem. She has been held and continues being held in separation detention for more than three months.

Neve Tirza Prison (Ramle)
At present, end of December, there are two women political prisoner in Neve Tirza: Nasreen Abu Zina, 19 years old, from Tulkarem, who was transferred from Kishon Detention Center, and Hala Jaber, 27 years old, from Jenin Refugee Camp. They started a hunger strike demanding to be transferred back to Hasharon Prison. The prison authorities took away their clothing, except for what they were wearing, as well as their electrical equipment (radio, television).
Tali Fahima, 30 years old, from Kiriyat Gat, was granted early release from Neve Tirza Prison (Ramle) on 3 January 2007.

Hasharon Prison (Tel Mond)
It is extremely cold now, and the women do not have any heaters in their damp cells, nor enough blankets or warm clothing.
There are new wardens in both wings who make a point of behaving in a very rigid, humiliating way towards the prisoners.
Dr. Rifqa elJa'abari, 43 yeas old, from Hebron. Since 15 August 2006, the date of her arrest, her family has not been permitted to visit her.
More about Dr. Rifqa elJa'abri
'Abeer 'Amru, 24 years old, from Dura (Hebron distrct), was transferred from Neve Tirza back to Hasharon at the beginning of December. Since then she is held in separation detention without contact with the other prisoners.
Ahlam elTamimi, 24 years old, from Ramallah, has appealed to the court to be permitted to meet her husband who is a prisoner in Beer Sheba Prison.
Irena Sarahna, 26 years old, from Bethlehem, who, like Ahlam elTamimi, has not been able to meet her imprisoned husband, has also appealed to the court in order to be permitted to meet her husband.

New Prisoners in Hasharon Prison
Hiam Salem, 48 years old, from Rantis (Ramallah district).
Taghreed Hajija, 18 years old, from Krayut Bani Zaid (Ramallah district)
Alaa Hajija, 22 years old, from Krayut Bani Zaid (Ramallah district)
Nura 'Aisha Bana, from Nablus, mother of a baby and two children. She had been detained in Petah Tikva Detention Center for interrogation.
Ahlam Kamayel
Iman elHih, from Surif

Military Prison
Hadas Amit, 19 years old, was sentenced on 18 December 2006 to 14 days detention for refusing to serve in the Israeli army. On 31 December she was sentenced to 10 more days.

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