Women's Organization for Political Prisoners (WOFPP)

Newsletter August 2007

There are, at present, about 100 women political prisoners in the Israeli jails: In Hasharon Prison (Tel Mond) about 95, the rest in Neve Tirza Prison (Ramle) and in several detention centers.

Hasharon Prison (Tel Mond)

The conditions in the cells
WOFPP's lawyer Taghreed Jahshan took affidavits from women political prisoners about their suffering caused by the permanent window coverings in the cells. The prisoners stated that there is lack of air, there is no daylight, unbearable heat in summer and dampness in winter. WOFPP with ACRI (Association for Citizens' Rights in Israel) sent a letter to the prison authorities demanding to remove the permanent window coverings. If the authorities refuse this request, WOFPP and ACRI will submit an appeal against them.
There are many cockroaches in the cells. The prisoners get spraying bottles but they are not effective

The way from the prison to the court.
When the authorities take the prisoners from prison to court, it is a very hard journey for the prisoners. They often have to remain for long hours without food or water and no possibility to use the toilet. Sometimes they are held for many hours in cells in the court building, and during all these hours – except for the time of the session - the prisoners are tightly shackled, which causes pain and leaves marks on their skin.

The prison authorities prevented four women prisoners from participating in the matriculation exams (Tawjihi) on the pretext of "disciplinary problems". The prisoners were informed about the prevention a short time only before the exams, which was too late to act against it. This year, unlike in previous years, the prison authorities prevented all the prisoners to do the matriculation exams in the natural sciences.

In recent weeks the prisoners could not send letters abroad because there were no stamps in the canteen; they receive hardly any letters from abroad or from their families.

Mothers with babies
On 3 August, after many demands, the prison authorities again allowed Samar Sbih with her son Baraa and Khaula Zitawi with her daughter Ghada to go out to the prison yard for periods longer than the recreation time. The babies suffer from the heat in the cells and cannot fall asleep until dawn.

Fatmah elZuk, From Gaza, pregnant, mother of 8 children, was arrested in May 2007. The prison authorities do not give her the food appropriate for pregnant women, though the prison nurse asked them to do so.

Linan Abu Ghalameh, 25 years old, from Bet Furiq, Nablus district, was arrested on 9 September 2004. The prison authorities refused her request asking to meet her imprisoned brother.

Taghreed elSa'adi, from Sakhnin, arrested on 16 April 2002, has not received any letters since the beginning of the year.

'Etaf 'Alyan from Ramallah, arrested in December 2005, 43 years old, mother of a three years old girl. After endless longings she saw her daughter 'Aysha, who was brought by another prisoner's family because the Israeli authorities did not give 'Etaf's husband permission to visit her. Recently, Etaf's brother got a one-time permission to visit her, and he also brought 'Aysha. More about 'Etaf 'Alyan

Dr. Rifqa elJa'abari, 43 yeas old, from Hebron, an administrative detainee, arrested on 15 August 2006. Her detention was extended for two additional months until 15 September 2007. More about Dr. Rifqa elJa'abri

New prisoners
Nadaa elJayusi, from elBireh, Ramallah district, 42 years old, mother of nine children. She is the director of a welfare association in elBireh. For 35 days she underwent harsh interrogations in Mosqobia (Russian Compound). During the interrogations her hands and legs were tied to the chair, the interrogators threatened her that she was going to have a "surprise" and hinted about arresting her eldest daughter (17 years old). During part of the interrogations' period she was prevented from meeting a lawyer. A representative of The International Red Cross visited her four times.
Muna Ka'adan was brought to Hasharon Prison and than transferred to an unknown detention center for interrogations. She had been a prisoner in the past (released about a year ago).
Manar Jabarin, a law student, from Um elFahem.

Hkatem Yasin, from 'Ashira elQabaliya, was arrested on 19 March 2007 and released on 5 August 2007.
Amneh Abu Mandil, a minor, from Meghazi Refugee Camp in the Gaza Strip, was arrested on 6 August 2007 and released on 16 August.

On 20 July 2007 six women were among the 256 Palestinian prisoners who were released by the Israeli authorities. All the prisoners who were released had served more than two thirds of their prison term, most of the released prisoners were one month before the end of their term.
Nasreen Abu Zina, from Tulkarm, was arrested on 12 February 2002, sentenced to five years and nine months imprisonment and released one month early.
Rauya elShakh, from Tulkarm Refugee Camp, was arrested on 15 October 2003, sentenced to four years imprisonment and released one month early.
Maysun Abu 'Aysha, from Hebron, was arrested on 14 April 2004, sentenced to three years and six months imprisonment and released one month early.
Faten Darghma, from Ramallah district, was arrested on 15 April 2004, sentenced to five years and six months imprisonment and released two years early.
Reham Abu 'Ayash, from Bet Umar, Hebron district, was arrested on 12 October 2005, sentenced to one year and eleven months imprisonment and released one month early.
'Aysha Ghanimat, from Hebron, was arrested on 13 October 2006, sentenced to ten months imprisonments and released one month early.

Neve Tirza Prison (Ramle)

Amneh Muna, 29 years old, from Jerusalem, is being held in separation for over eleven months. Recently the prison authorities imposed on her a fine of 300 NIS, claiming that she sent a letter to another prisoner. She is still held in a very small cell infested with a large number of cockroaches and insects.

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