Fra: Anne Lund
to: 5. juni 2006 18:37:55
Til: sar@jus
Emne: Pe
tition for Mrs Manal Ghanim

To Minis
ter of Justice, Mr Haim Ramon

Your Excellency,

On behalf of 1395 signatories in Denmark, we appeal to you to set Mrs. Manal Ghanim free.

Mrs Ghanim from the Tulkarem refugee camp is serving time in an Israeli prison.

Her 4 children are suffering because of her absence, especially her little boy Nour who was born in prison.
Nour was recen
tly taken away from his mother, despite her protests.

Mrs Ghanim has allready served two thirds of the sentence (4 years + 4 months).

To our knowledge, her appeal case will be presented to court in the near future.

We appeal
to you to show mercy for Mrs Manal Ghanim.

The a
ttached document contains the signatures (136) collected only in May.

The other signatures (1258) were sent to you on earlier occasions.

Yours respec

Anne Lund
on behalf of Human Righ
ts March

Women in Dialogue Israel, Denmark, Palestine

Absalonsgade 28 A, 2

DK 1658 Copenhagen V